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This forum is designed to help you reach your fitness goals using exercise videos. These four simple rules will assure that the posts are helpful and welcoming:

· No obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening or mean-spirited posts.
· No posts unrelated to fitness or fitness videos (except the “Any Other Topic”  forum).
· No postings of physical or email addresses. This is for your own protection.
· No promoting competitive video vendors*.  


Posts that violate these rules will be deleted. Members who consistently violate these rules will be removed (their email and IP addresses will also be blocked).

*Why the "no promoting competitors" policy? It's just common sense. Running a forum is expensive. Our competitors are free to create their own forums. But this forum only exists if Collage stays in business. We just won’t survive if this forum is used to advertise our competitors.

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