Ripped in 30

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2011/07/13 19:53:08 (permalink)

Ripped in 30

I have started using the {Ripped in 30}5970^ DVD and enjoy it but wonder about doing it 5-6 days a week.  I have always read that you should take a day off in between workouts that involve weight lifting but this program does not suggest that.  Please advise.

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    Re:Ripped in 30 2011/07/14 23:05:51 (permalink)
    I have been working out a looooong time (I'm 50), but I'm not an exercise professional. However, from everything I've heard and read about weight lifting, you should not exercise the same muscle groups every day. It's OK to use weights everyday, as long as you are working different muscles on each day. Muscles need to have time to "repair" from the strain of lifting heavy weight (at least 48 hours) in order to build up.
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    Re:Ripped in 30 2011/07/15 23:05:01 (permalink)
    if I'm doing light weights (like in {ripped in 30}5970^) I will sometimes do them everyday. I think it may be the same concept as the Slim in 6 workouts and how working with light weights everyday will slim you down more. Also The Firm used to say it was ok to do AWT one day and regular weight training the next (not sure if they still recommend this)

    I read the not working your muscles everyday is more for the bodybuilder, muscle building and heavy weight workouts.

    Just listen to your body, if it feels sore and needs a break, then take a day off or do pure cardio.
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