"Engage Your Transverse Abdominis"

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"Engage Your Transverse Abdominis"

[id=tmppasteie1221080122790]Hi, I've been posting here on an off for a number of years. The forum's changed and maybe our names as well-ha. I could of replied to the "Get Ripped workouts by aerobicgirl" but just wanted to introduce myself (Puna Girl). Well I have something encouraging to post concerning the Triceps. I've used Denise A., Tammy Lee, Kathy S., Rachael M. ect.. over the years but couldn't seem to make a dent in the back of the arms. I'd searched through posts and googled as well. Anyway, I've been really consistent for over 2 months I believe...where I can say hay, my arms are finally taking shape. This is the first time my husband said so. Before he'd commented only on my biceps. See, I thought "how will I ever achieve this with my weak wrist"? I mean, I notice how many instructor's stress pushups...even Jari, so consequently I avoid them! Well, the one thing I can attribute this to, has to be Jari Love. I have a hunch it's because while I do plenty of triceps exercises in addition to hers on my own...that if I could narrow it down I think switching from both S&L and RTTC's compounds...the biceps, bent leg dead lifts, stiff leg dead lifts with lat row, over head press & lat raise..Well, it's the only thing I can attribute this change to-where it finally kicked in! Seriously, if your reading this Mrs, didn't you say once that this really made a difference for you? Well, I mean ladies, anybody else notice a diff? Anyway, cheers-

Puna girl-
"For the Joy of the Lord is your Strength" Ne. 8:10

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