Back Pain

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2011/10/05 21:35:52 (permalink)

Back Pain

I am dealing with some moderate back pain and I want to get a dvd that would help strengthen my back and core, but not be too intense for my back.  I was thinking either yoga or pilates type stuff.  Do you have any suggestions for me?  Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/05 21:56:09 (permalink)
    Hi Christine-

    Here is the link for Collage's Back Pain videos:

    Have you thought about seeing a doctor for a referral for physical therapy? They can pin-point the cause of your back pain and prescribe exercises specific to your back issues.

    Just a thought. :)

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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/06 01:16:40 (permalink)
    Hi,  I suggest that you use the function which allows you to look at the videos to see how you like them.  I am not a physician, but suggest you consider using light weights to strengthen your back as well.   See if collage still has Tami Lee's Tight on Time,  that's a good one, and there is a Firm core-strengthening one with Allison,  blanking on title, that is good also.   If you are not used to yoga or Pilates, you might prefer to start with some beginning videos.   Please post and let us know how you are doing with your program to address your back pain.   Whatever program you choose,  I can only suggest sticking with it and know that just as you did not get this way overnight, neither will you change overnight, but you WILL improve,  that I do promise, because I had lots of back pain in earlier years too.   Best, AK
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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/06 09:39:41 (permalink)
    There's a DVD from BeachBody called Total Body Transformation - it has helped me immensely. I have had back problems like sciataca, lower back pain, etc. and I started doing this DVD - three times per week as it suggest - and I couldn't believe how great I felt. That's been 3 years ago and now when I don't do the exercises for a couple of weeks I start to feel "little pains" on my lower back so I start the exercises again and again pain is gone. The DVD is broken down from the neck to the knee - I usually do the Core and Lower Back portion and believe me it has really helped a lot.Margarita
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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/06 11:02:44 (permalink)
    I used to have terrible back problems before I started working out. Have never used anything specifically for back but here are some things that have really helped in my case (and I would definitely recommend a "holistic" approach rather than just concentrating on the back):

    -Strength training, including but not limited to, back and abs (best when you are healthy, of course).

    -Attention to posture: some workouts will remind you of good posture (I tend towards swayback and have to remember to tuck those hips under).

    -Flexibility: I know that in my case tight hammies will "pull" on my back so I try to do yoga or at least some stretches several times a week.

    Good luck--hope you feel better soon!
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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/08 08:14:22 (permalink)
    My back got a lot better from doing kettlebell exercises.  I was amazed.  There are complicated reasons why it works which you can find on the internet.
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    Re:Back Pain 2011/10/08 11:49:38 (permalink)
    I have major back problems and have found that if I make sure my back is flat - not rounded or curved there is less if any pain with that particular move.   After years of thinking I could not do dead lifts I learned to look up and keep my back flat.  Now they are one of my favorite toning moves.   I agree that kettlebell can be good for the back and core.  Just make sure you do tutorials and make sure your form is right.
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