Suggestions for Workouts with Best/Quick Results

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2008/12/05 16:41:17 (permalink)

Suggestions for Workouts with Best/Quick Results

I was an avid exerciser but have had some setbacks--I need/want to restart but am kinda bored with the many, many videos I own.

I'm looking for something with decent/fast results and/or high calorie burn, any suggestions?

The Jari {1000 Cal. Burn}7702^, is that marketing or is it accurate? 

Thank you!

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    Re:Suggestions for Workouts with Best/Quick Results 2008/12/05 16:48:14 (permalink)
    LOL!  Jari's {1000}7702^ burns about 400 calories for me...  But that so varies by individual!  So many factors come into play (weight, resting HR, cardio endurance, etc).  But in terms of a 1h workout that gives fantastic results to each muscle group with effective & efficient cardio + weights, it's definitely one of my faves.  Cathe {Body Max 2}7691^ is also a good one to have -- lots of premixes to customize it to fit your needs!  I also like {One-on-One with Jackie}7828^ as an all-encompassing, challenging workout.  Some people like {30 Day Shred}7963^ for that purpose too (me -- not so much).  Also, Results Fitness have a couple DVD's out that are getting great reviews.
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    Re:Suggestions for Workouts with Best/Quick Results 2008/12/06 03:04:11 (permalink)
    Jari's 1000 claim is based, so the say, on total metabolic measurements, probably using the metabolic cart that measures the burn according to the amount of this or that in the breath. This is far more than just HR based calorie burn. I haven't looked into this to see if they actually claim you burn all of them during the w/o or including the afterburn (the calories the body uses to get back to normal). Anyway if your cardio calorie burn is 400-500 for the hour (according to HR monitor), which is in par with a regular 1 hr aerobic session, then you know you have burned more since you also lifted. Also, the afterburn from lifting lasts much longer than an aerobic afterburn.
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    Re:Suggestions for Workouts with Best/Quick Results 2008/12/07 17:03:34 (permalink)
    I second {Bodymax 2}7691^ and any type of circuit workout. I love doing workouts that incorporate cardio and weights because it keeps my heart rate up. KCM has {Cardio Sculpt Fitness}7912^ which is great, and then {30 day Shred}7963^ is also good ( but I usually do those workouts back to back at the same time to work up a good sweat) {Your Best Body Circuit}7820^ is another good one. {Drill Max}7681^ by Cathe is also a great one...there are just so many good ones out there!

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