Exercise on a sailboat

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2013/01/24 17:39:01 (permalink)

Exercise on a sailboat

I live on a sailboat and have limited space. What exercises would work best!!

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    Re:Exercise on a sailboat 2013/01/27 08:26:18 (permalink)
    The plan was that we would live on the boat.  It did not pan out, but good for you!  When moored I would jump in and do laps around the boat, much tougher than a pool.  Fitness band are great for anyone with a space issue, but they're usually not very challenging.  If you decide to try them, you could put 2 together to make it tougher.  I imagine doing yoga on a boat would be awesome.  Your balance is probably better than most already.  If I may ask, where are you?
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    Re:Exercise on a sailboat 2013/01/27 09:14:33 (permalink)
    You might take a look at Jessica Smith's youtube station.  She has workouts there that she does in very small spaces.  Actually a corner of a room.  Also the bands sound good too.
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    Re:Exercise on a sailboat 2013/01/27 10:23:14 (permalink)
    I don't know what kind of exercises and workouts you're particularly interested in.  For some cardio workouts I'd consider challenge sets of bodyweight exercises.  There are great examples of bodyweight workouts on Marcus Martinez's MBodystrength.com website. For example, his recent newsletter had this suggested 15 minute challenge (and consider changing up the bodyweight exercise to Burpees, elbow planks, jumping jacks, sprints in place, high knees, squat jumps--whatever you like or can think of): 
    Set your gym boss timer to: 
    15 seconds by 45 seconds
    Set 15 rounds...
    At 15 seconds do as many pushups as you can
    At 45 seconds do as many squats as you can 
    Yoga would also be easy to do although balance poses might present a problem if not done on land.  All you really need is a mat, and a little creativity.  You could use a book or printed guide as a resource for a practice series or download audio versions to practice.  That sounds awesome actually.  Wait a second, can I come??
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    Re:Exercise on a sailboat 2013/01/28 12:34:02 (permalink)
    Suspension training straps, like rip60 or trx (there are a few others available too).  Packs small, light weight, super versatile, and you should be able to find someplace to hang it on a sailboat (the mast, or something, I'm not a sailor except for a little Sunfish).
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    Re:Exercise on a sailboat 2013/02/01 14:30:30 (permalink)
    Lucky duck.   I suggest dynabands and a weighted ball.  You will get much use from both, and they
    don't take up a great deal of space.   Pilates is great, too,  all you need is a bit more than the
    length and width of a mat.  Best, AK
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