How to get a better butt?

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Re:How to get a better butt? 2009/01/26 14:54:54 (permalink)
B-12 is something I take every day as well.

A good glute exercise is using the tubing and doing donkey kicks, or ankle weights doing donkey kicks. Also those bridges, when you ly flat on the ground and lift your hips up squeezing the glutes as you lift. I love these types of exercises and has really helped firm my glutes.

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Re:How to get a better butt? 2009/02/01 08:49:20 (permalink)
Hi Michelle:

I remember when my daughters were young.  I was exercising everyday and eating right, but I was still so tired.  I remember bringing the laundry upstairs to their bedrooms.  I would look at their beds longingly, and the next thing I knew I would be asleep on them!  I could fall asleep if I just sat down.  Turns out I was hypothyroid which I never would have guessed except that a friend of mine steered me to Mary Shomon's articles on thyroid on the website and something there rang true for me.  I began exploring this with my doctor, too; and sure enough, I needed the thyroid hormone.  I thought I was just getting older so I neglected other symptoms (being sensitive to cold).  Turns out many women become hypothyroid over the course of years without knowing it until overwhelming fatigue brings them to their doctors.  I don't want to overwhlem you with info so I will just steer you to that website, too, in the hopes that you can find something there that might be helpful to you in your quest towards better health.   

good luck!  Carey
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