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2009/01/03 10:15:18 (permalink)


Dear College Video,

I am only 5 feet tall.  I just got a new step that is a regular size step.  It goes up to 8" high and is 48" long.  My previous step was  smaller...  Do I need to be more careful than taller folks in doing step videos??  I find that my work load has increased drastically!!!(Which is a good thing but I want to use the proper height for the exercises)  I don't want to get hurt.  I have been using 2 of Cathe's videos.  She does it on an 8" step but being so short I don't know if I'm asking for an injury.  Help!

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    Re:advice 2009/01/03 13:58:30 (permalink)
    Hello truewolf123 that is a very good question.  I am also 5 feet tall and would like to know how high I can go on the step too 
    Is 14 inches to high for a 5 feet tall person. Like truewolf mentioned,  am I  asking for an injury with that height? Thank you
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    Re:advice 2009/01/06 10:23:03 (permalink)
    The general rule for aerobic stepping is not to let your knee bend more than 90 degrees. So, a shorter person should use a shorter step. Note: Using a step for muscle toning is a little different. Some workouts do have you bending your knees at more than a 90 degree angle (it's a good way to target your buttocks). But that's only if you have no joint or knee problems. Of course, if it hurts - stop!
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