Hot!Going out of Business...Say it ain't so!

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Re:Going out of Business...Say it ain't so! 2014/04/06 04:45:58 (permalink)
I am missing the workout descriptions and clips. When folks mention certain workouts I go straight to collage to look up the details. Over the years it has really helped me to make decisions based on my fitness goals. We are all different and want and like different things. One persons workout love is another's dread factor. Collages clips and descriptions has really helped steer me in the right direction more often than not. I really valued that.

Just yesterday someone mentioned a workout "love" and the first thing I did was come here to look it up. Of course it's gone. 

Collage and it's forum has put me on a positive fitness path for many years. I will always value that.
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Re:Going out of Business...Say it ain't so! 2020/11/25 17:17:45 (permalink)
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