Weight workout question

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2008/09/03 17:43:11 (permalink)

Weight workout question

I have the Ripped series and Kathy's {Lift Weight to Lose Weight}7039^. Am embarrassed that thats all of my truly weighted workouts.
 I have several on my wish list (Patrick's {Body Design}7528^, {Kitchen Sink}7416^, {Hard Work}7893^ and Mindy's {Awesome Strength}7115^ and {Strength Toolbox}7434^ - I also have some more interval workouts like {All Systems Go}7802^ and {Med Ball Madness}5528^., and some Keli body bar).
 I hear alot about Cathe and have watched the clips and am 50/50 about them. I heard that the heavy weighs with shorter reps build you up instead of lean you like Jari, Is that true? I am not so interested in strength but I want something to bump it up a little - a change.

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    Re:Weight workout question 2008/09/04 12:35:31 (permalink)
    All the information that I have read leans towards the theory that heavy weights plus low reps will build muscle.  Cathe's {Slow and Heavy}7652^ workout is based on that theory, using heavy weights and doing 8 reps.  Unfortunately I can't comment on that theory as I have never tested it out personally. 

    If you are interested in changing things up then you might want to check out Cathe's {Slow and Heavy}7652^ series.


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    Re:Weight workout question 2008/09/04 15:27:36 (permalink)
    higher reps is more endurance training and lower reps is to builds muscle mass from my understanding, from experience by doing jari love I did get leaner in the arms but not too much definition like I did with Cathe by using heavier weights. I did get somewhat bigger but defined   by using Cathe but this helped even out my pear shape more  a hourglass now.
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    Re:Weight workout question 2008/09/16 12:58:35 (permalink)
    What is the difference between muscle endurance and muscle mass? Which one builds muscle to get that definition? What would you say Cathe friedrichs pyramid is muscle endurance or muscle mass?
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