How to work my glutes and not my quads?

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2009/02/16 22:18:38 (permalink)

How to work my glutes and not my quads?

No matter what I seem to do to get my bottom looking nice I can't! I've done squats, lunges, deadlifts ... all kinds of exercise moves to target that area and I get results, pretty good results actually, but only on my quads! and none for my bum: ( or speaking politically correct my gluteus maximus.
My front quadriceps wind up getting too bulky and i start to look like HEMAN. Help! What am I not doing or what should I be doing to correct this 8th wonder of my world. Thanks a lot!

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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2009/02/17 15:07:05 (permalink)
    Maybe Collage can give you a better answer, but I find that I can go deeper into a squat when I do NOT hold weights in my hands. Do you use weights? The deeper I go down the more I feel it in my glutes, and sometimes if I hold onto something, like a bar or a table, I can go down extra far and really, really feel it in my glutes. Try holding on to the edge of a table and squat down as far as you can and just rise up and down a few inches and see if you feel it working your glutes then. HTH!
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2009/02/17 15:18:09 (permalink)
    Put your weight on your heels when you squat down- and go deep. Also curtsy lunges work the inner glutes and inner thighs pretty good. If you have a step squat off the step or do lunges off the step to get a deeper burn.

    There are also many other glute exercises that do not involve squats or lunges- you can mix it up by adding some donkey kicks into your routine, or using ankle weights for this as well- bridges, laying on the floor and pulsing your hips up and down with little small movements and squeezing the glutes as you do this...these are fantastic!
    back kicks in kickboxing also work the glutes, squeezing them as you kick back. There are many slow and controlled k/b moves that target the glutes. I hope collage can help with which dvds have all of these! Sometimes I just do them on my own, but I know {Kick Max}7425^ by Cathe has some leg conditioning drills that are good and SS Firm It up is a lower body workout that fries my glutes. I also hear good things about {Butts and Guts}7711^.

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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2009/02/18 12:44:46 (permalink)
    As Mandolyn mentioned, form is crucial. During squats you want to be sure your weight is back in your heels (you should be able to wiggle your toes) and that you are sitting back as if you were going to sit in a chair. As you raise up, squeeze your glutes. This will put the work where it should be, in your backside. Other types of exercise also target that area, such as the Bar Method by Burr Leonard, Squeeze by Tracy Effinger, along with Pilates and ballet influenced workuts in general.
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2009/02/23 15:44:45 (permalink)
    I have the same bodytype as you, Giajulie. I did some research in bodybuilding mags for men and found that a stiffleg deadlift only works the glutes and hams without any quad involvement. I completely stopped all quad work, incl. squats and lunges and for the past 10 months have only done deadlifts w/ up to 8lb dumbells (I wanted to add some roundness) 2x week along with pilates tapes, such as 10 Minute Solutions and Denise Austin, for the butt. (I use tapes that have workouts divided into bodyparts so I only work my glutes. Takes only 10 minutes!)  I have DRAMATICALLY changed my shape. My husband and friends have been commenting almost daily now, so I am really motivated and wanted to share the idea with you. My body looks very in proportion now and my quads get all the toning they need when I do cardio. I used to be a gymnast and now I am 41, so we are talking about undoing a lifetime of quad overtraining   in only 10 months. If you have been doing it one way and you are not getting the results you want, why not change things up? Give it a try! Maybe it will work for you too.  Good Luck.
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2009/02/23 18:26:31 (permalink)
    I, too, bulk up in my quadriceps.  My dad used to make fun of my bulky muscles in a mini skirt back when i used to mostly "power walk".  When you're doing your lunges, try to really "stick your butt back", and lift your tail bone up!!!  It really helps to target the butt and hamstrings rather than the quads!
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/05/15 07:50:08 (permalink)
    cathe's {butt and guts}7711^!! holy butt burn!  you will feel burn in your thighs but if the form is proper and you're pushing thru with your heels, your booty will be on fire!!  just got it a couple of weeks ago and have done it twice!
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/05/15 09:57:04 (permalink)
    What everyone else has said:
    1.  Focus on keeping your weight on your heels, you should be able to wiggle your toes.
    2.  When squatting really stick your butt out

    Also I've found that putting my hands behind my head like when doing crunches on the floor really forces me to keep my upper body up instead of slightly rounding forward.

    Another good butt lifter is walking or running at an incline if you choose not to go the squat and lunge route.  Plus you get the cardio benefit.

    You should practice on your own at your own pace so you can really get the feel of it.  Also check your form in a mirror.  Sometimes when trying to follow a video I lose my form but once I know what good form feels like I know how to re-adjust.
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/05/15 17:56:40 (permalink)
    Gia you could try some type of barre pulsing stuff like Exhale Core Fusions or {Total Body Lift}5602^, myself and a few other forum members are getting great results from these type of exersises .. I had been doing lunges and squats for years with minimal results, I turned to these barre type workouts at the beginning of this year and the results have really kicked in .. my glute has really lifted  :-)
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/05/25 10:48:02 (permalink)
    Giajulia I totally agree with you and I have the same problem.  I think Dunia and Slinks are on the right track.  I have all the Squeezes and it helps as long as you have good form.  Re Dunia's deadlift, I recall Karen Voight stating to this correctly by keeping the weights close to you legs coming down with all weight on heels, then as you come up shift your weight to the ball of your feet and you can feel butt cheeks doing the work.  I think I will take Dunias' advice on this instead of lung work for butt.  Tracy E does a "clam" move and it also targets the butt.
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/05/27 09:40:06 (permalink)
    I have this same issue and while form (on squats etc.) helps a bit, I agree that ditching these exercises is essential.  One of the workouts on Brazil Butt Lift consists of floorwork with ankle weights and floor and standing work with bands which hits the glutes, hams, and inner thigh and skips the quads.  Windsor Buns and thighs is similar but discontinued.  Worth searching for though.  Donkey Kicks, Clams, leg lifts(with a turned in leg) will hit the glutes without too much thigh work.
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/06/13 10:55:07 (permalink)

    You have already been given much good advice both in terms of exercise movements and DVD options. ...So true to "form" with the members who participate in the Collage Video Forums! Everyone is always quite helpful.

    I've created a list for you of exercises that EMG research has found to be very effective for (isolating) glutes/hamstrings:

    -Stiff Leg aka Romanian Dead Lifts.
    -Good Mornings.
    You also can also can do the above on one leg at a time.
    -Using a gliding disc to do hamstring curls (“drag ins”) –some use a folder towel or paper plates on a non-carpeted surface.
    -Stability Ball Curls.
    -Using ankle weights and doing single leg curls on all fours.
    -Doing the above but with the knee bent and pulsing upward (squeezing glutes).
    -Deep lunges with the front foot/leg on an incline (you have to go deep. Re: try to get the back knee down and use a moderately narrow stance fore and aft and keep back perfectly straight).
    -Incline walking/jogging in terms of cardio.

    I wish you the best!
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    Re:How to work my glutes and not my quads? 2010/06/29 13:46:30 (permalink)
    Try the Tonique mat workout. It is great for glutes
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