hip bursitis

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2009/02/18 22:37:51 (permalink)

hip bursitis

I seem to be having hip bursitis. I had it once before and eventually got rid of it with icing it.  This time it seemed to be getting better, but I think I aggravated it with lower body workouts.  A bit of research suggests laying off most exercise, and stretching the hips. I'm not big on laying off the exercise and I can't live without dancing(which gives me hip pain these days.) Any suggestions on what would be appropriate  do's and don'ts? I just got my Squeeze {Lower Body Challenge}5610^, and am afraid to try it now. Also got a new cardio dvd, and I want to try that too. I will wait a bit on that.
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    Re:hip bursitis 2009/02/19 10:15:46 (permalink)
    i got hip bursitis years ago-did an extremely long  hilly walking route daily for a week and after 5 days my hip was toast-had to get cortisone shots.haven't had it since as I vary my workouts and don't do hi-impact daily.that's what worked for me-
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    Re:hip bursitis 2009/02/20 15:24:48 (permalink)
    I was diagnosed with hip bursitis a few months ago.  I went to almost all low-impact workouts.  I will occasionally throw in a higher-impact move, but I'm careful how much I do of that and only do it when my hip isn't acting up.  For the most part, I've been pain-free.  I do a lot of walking outdoors including lots of hills.  I actually found that doing lower body workouts helped the condition - especially floor workouts that included series where you're stretching the leg/hip as you're working it (such as in the Original Buns of Steel , the "L" series of Squeeze, or Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs, for example).  I also have to make sure that I stretch my hip enough.

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