Which burns more calories?

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2008/09/22 17:03:20 (permalink)

Which burns more calories?

I have many dvds that alternate fast cardio and weights/lunges/squats.  The question is...will I burn the same amount of calories if I just do all of the cardio first and then skip to all of the weights sections?  Or vice versa?  I feel that after intense cardio I am not doing the weights, lunges, and squats correctly because I am too out of breath...and after doing the weights my legs and arms are too fatigued to move fast again!  One dvd I have that does this is {Cardio Overdrive}7988^...will I be cheating myself if I play the segments in a different order?  Thank you!

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    Re:Which burns more calories? 2008/09/22 17:12:09 (permalink)
    You know I often wondered this as well. I know many instructors have said that compound moves and circuit training burns more fat and calories. I too many times have done all cardio, then all weights separately. I feel the same afterwards, but I also feel I had more energy for the weights. However when I do compound moves during a circuit workout I notice I sweat more throughout the whole workout, where as if I do only cardio then follow that with weights, I stop sweating when I start doing weights.... So I just mix it up- sometimes I just do cardio then weights and other days I do a circuit type workout alternating cardio/weights.

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    Re:Which burns more calories? 2008/09/22 18:48:11 (permalink)
    I feel the same thing with the weights/cardio. {Cardio Overdrive}7988^, you aren't supposed to be lifting super heavy, I think you are supposed to be using light/medium weights. The lunges/squats can be sorta aerobic since they get your heartrate up. I'm not sure what your level of fitness is, but you could just need to build up your endurance for these type of workouts.

    As for doing which one completely on their own, I normally won't do cardio on a legs day. I'll do cardio after a mostly upper body workout and feel that works better for me.
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    Re:Which burns more calories? 2008/09/22 22:52:21 (permalink)
    I am not sure this is 100% relevant to your question, but I think it is somewhat relevant. I found this link:


    I too have been curious to find out more about this subject, though I do have to say from personal experience that since I have been lifting weights more, I have seen much better results than when I wasn't.
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    Re:Which burns more calories? 2008/10/01 11:40:49 (permalink)
    {Cardio Overdrive}7988^ is often in my rotation. The premise of the video is to have the heart rate go up and down as in interval training (burning more calores this way). I would not change the order of the video, make sure your are using light weights, and just do what you can until you can get through the entire workout.
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    Re:Which burns more calories? 2008/10/02 15:22:35 (permalink)
    Well I personally think from my past when you add cardio and definitle have an interval day, you burn more calories. I do the Ripped videos Rotations try it. It is amazing.

    I do cardio after weights as then you flush out the lactic acid build up and will not be as stiff. You need to workput in your fatburn zone and most of the machines and or graphs are not that accurate as I have learned. I worked out in those zones for almost a year with little results. I went for a VO2 test to find my actual zones for training and went down to 14% Bodyfat from 31%!!! I highly recommend getting one of the tests done! It really kicked up my fitness to its true zones!
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