bat wing help!!

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Re:bat wing help!! 2009/05/24 01:16:40 (permalink)
I would try different types of arm excerises. (ballet style, I mean), long with classical stretches. (the burn! the burn!)  with the traditional weight training stuff.
and I've heard (and I don't know if this is true). but some people wrap their arms up before they workout (so they don't flap around) and there's no reistance pulling it down when they do arm exercises, and they see results. They use socks or ace bandages (and I know there are some other "professsional" stuff out there). 
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Re:bat wing help!! 2009/05/25 10:18:40 (permalink)
I too inherited batwings from my mom.  I remember her bemoaning the droopy arms, saying "oh, it's terrible getting old."  But, thinking back, I realize at that point she wasn't doing much of any kind of exercise.  Not that she ever lifted weights, but she cooked, cleaned, gardened--etc.

I have been seeing improvement since I started doing kettlebells, so I always recommend them.

There is an upbeat side to batwings, believe it or not.  Though much tougher to combat, the final result should be firmness without looking muscle-bound.

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Re:bat wing help!! 2012/07/22 16:22:10 (permalink)
Triceps push-downs are usually done on a machine in the gym--there's a bar that looks like a straight bicycle handlebar--dangling from an overhead bracket. You can find videos of people doing that version of the exercise online.

At home, you can do the exercise with a Thera-Band attached to a sturdy part of a wall or overhead beam, whatever. Stand under it with your feet shoulder-width apart and your upper arms and elbows flush with the side of your body/ribcage. Your forearms and hands are up near your chest, palms outward. You grab the handles of the band, and without moving anything but your forearms, push your arms downward until your arms are straight at your side. Bring your arms up again, repeat, and so on. 

If you're like me and use the less-expensive rubber-strap style without handles, you do essentially the same move except you put a rolled-up towel on the back of your neck (steam-room style!) for cushioning and lay the band on top of it with the free ends hanging in front of you like an unwrapped scarf. Since you don't have handles, you start with your palms facing inward (remember to keep your wrists straight) and turn them towards the back as you extend your arms downward.
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